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Weekly Meme 6/30: A Book That Makes You Sad.

9 Feb


Suhui:  Unlike Mark, being lachrymose is the most common thing for me. I can tear over any movies or books that suggest any tiny winy bit of sadness. Often times, when I am watching a sad movie in a cinema or reading a sad story in my bedroom,  I will be well battled up with a packet of tissue (or a box of it). It feels almost unbearable to have to hold on to the tears when they are just pushing their way out of the corner of my eyes. Also, it is most embarrassing when these tearful episodes happened in the public because the story may not be as depressing as I felt it was after all.

Well, with that, there must be a handful of books I can write but Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is definitely one of the most saddening and memorable one. I read the book. I watched the movie. I cried on both occasions. The love, the fight, the make-ups, the wait, the meetings, the hope, the despair and the lost are almost heart wrenching.


Book Meme 2/30: A book that you’ve read more than 3 times.

14 Dec


Well, this is definitely a tough one. I have thought really hard and have looked through all the books on my bookshelf and I can’t seem to pick out a book that I have read MORE than 3 times! I rarely read a book more than once except for textbooks! I believe I can name up to 10 textbooks which I have read more than 3 times easily. But for a novel, regardless fiction or not, there is really none. After cracking my brain for days, I have decided to pick out these 2 books that I have read more than once, The Curious Incident of the Dog by Mark Haddon and Towards Zero by Agatha Christie. To be exact, I have read each of them twice. As expected, for people who don’t read novels more than once (like me), must have some ridiculous reasons for reading these twice. For the former, it was one of the novels studied in an elective I took in NTU – Children’s Adventure Tales. I find this book really entertaining and special so I decided to use it for my presentation, and that’s why I’ve read it twice. For the latter, upon retrospection, the reason is more ridiculous. I read it twice because I totally forgot I have read it before! Goes to show how much this book is easily forgettable. Moreover, I only started to realize that I have read the book before when I was in the last 10% to 20% of the novel.

Book Meme: 1/30 – Best Book Read Last Year.

5 Dec

Suhui: The best book for me last year was a very light hearted beach read. Although there was nothing insightful about Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic, it is just one that was impossible for me to put down. It was such a relaxing read that brought out the joy of reading in me.