Weekly Meme 6/30: A Book That Makes You Sad.

16 Jan

Mark: Literature is supposedly emotionally multifarious in nature, where one could easily pick a novel to suit their moods readily. However, being lachrymose is entirely another issue for me. Seldom do I find myself in a situation sniffing badly, nor do I ever actually pick books up for that purpose, and always by chance. Nonetheless, a good story with characters that make you fall in love with them are tough to come by, hopefully, unequivocally agreed upon by my fellow group club members, and of course remain free to impugn me in any ways. But along that line of argument, a novel that I came across with such strong personalities in the characters could be found in the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It could be said that I had read it in almost one seating (almost because I had to run some errands) due to the splendid play of human emotions, brotherly love, and struggle to survive engendered by hardships in the Middle East.


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