Weekly Meme 3/30: Your Favorite Series.

17 Dec

Mark: Despite my inclinations towards Harry Potter, I have decided to go against posting that for this week’s meme. Instead, I have chosen this particular author that would churn in his grave to hear me, or anyone, calling his works a series. Contrary to popular beliefs, he had not once wish to coin any of his works as a series. Meant to be read as a novel in three parts, Lord of the Rings qualify as high fantasy, and not a trilogy. With their own worlds, and lands, epic fantasy wishes to, as the name suggests, to recreate a whole new world that subsists on magic, and new Gods. Having read this during my Secondary School days, I was appreciative of the horses of Roland, the ring of Sauron, and even the arrogance of Aragon. I avoided reading any more high fantasy, and switched to literature instead after my secondary days. I suppose that I was a person that require lots of energy to create a make belief world, and Lord of the Rings used up all of mine then. With that being said, short stories do not work well with me too, for I do not have the energy to recreate every time a new story ends or begins.


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