Book Meme 2/30: A book that you’ve read more than 3 times.

17 Dec

KYung: A book that I can recall reading 2.5 or close to 3 times is a little book that I picked up at PageOne a few months back, during an early day off from internship. The smaller than A5 size book with a simple BOLD title that reads “Whatever you think think the opposite” was sticked out like a sore thumb in the huge pile of books that laid on the table. Paul Arden’s anecdotes on the benefits of making bad decisions, taking risk, seemingly irrational choise, career advice is about having a point of view, haing the balls to roll the dice and play the game. Lots of fun when I read the stuff, injects some new perspectives in my thinking. Another coffee table book, introduced by yours truly. Cheers!


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