Book Introduction: Harry Potter

9 Dec

Sometimes, there ain’t no better way to appreciate stories than to read popular stories.

As humans, we tend to grow out of things, to “adulterize”, and to “mature’. We complain about everything, anything  – to walk is a chore, we need more time, my job sucks. But we forget the simplest things in life do bring joy to our lives. When we were young, we marvel all the time – bubbles, a blade of grass, fizzy sodas. Why then as adults we don’t? Are we caught up in a tangled web of societal pressures, animosity, and a nihilistic view that we have to gain an edge for ourselves for survival?

Readers, no doubt, make the same mistakes. Categorizing books as “childish”, or “not fit to be read by adults”; where sometimes the purpose of novels are to entertain, and to bring about the pleasures of reading. I suppose then that there no bad books, but readers that deem them so. What counts is to appreciate whatever for its worth, and, to use a cliche saying, not to judge a book by its covers.



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