Book Meme: 1/30 – Best Book Read Last Year.

4 Dec

KYung: I picked up Lin Yutang’s The Importance of Living (first published in 1937), when I was browsing the philosophy section of Kino Orchard. Cant recall if it’s in 2010 or early 2011, but let’s assume it is “last year”. I was intrigued by Lin’s background, born in 1895 to a mission family, raised a Christian in New York city, whom later became a pagan. I was interested to find out how his perspective towards living has any significance to me, as a 21st century city dweller. Lin’s lighthearted short writings on many topics; mankind, who can best enjoy life?, enjoyment of living, etc., provided much entertainment for me. True enough, as it was written as an antidote to the crazy pace of the modern world, it lifted my mood after reading notes such as “On tea and friendship”.

To me, this book is great because of the numerous occasions of joy from leisurely reading on the wisdom of ancient thinkers of east and west, through Lin Yutang’s perspective of a living being (without academic training in philosophy). I feel that we can also learn the art of leaving things undone, enjoying life at a reasonable pace if we work on not working!


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