Book Meme: 1/30 – Best Book Read Last Year.

4 Dec

Jules: A thriller may be read for its suspense and the pursuit of incessant adventure, one may tend to miss the various themes embedded in the adventure stories. In Cold Blood is a true crime, non-fiction novel depicting a murder in 1959 emanated from a farm robbery. While many novel evangelists described it as ‘brutal’ murder, Truman’s inquisitive journey to find his novel sketches revealed an unintentional killing of the victims in this story.

Humans have lived long enough for themselves to evolve into sophisticated beings, but their intrinsic nature to survive by selfish means has not changed in any bit. The question is not on the lack of change in the self-interested nature, but more so, why human beings choose to survive by selfish means. You may think it would be logical to think so given the instance where there is only one resource for two persons to compete for. Reminding ourselves of the slippery slope may reveal that survival – for the intelligent homo sapiens – can be achieved by other means. It is not logical to explain how the premise of survival explains one’s self-interested behaviour. There, perhaps, may be a lapse in humans, for them to think and behave, in such unworldly manner.

The guilt, ridden unto the killers are mere consequences of what the subjects themselves cannot comprehend.

How ironic is that, for all there is worth living for in humans, to find the perceived intentions gradually diminishing. For ‘All the world’s a stage’ may find a fit here, after all.


One Response to “Book Meme: 1/30 – Best Book Read Last Year.”

  1. Mark. December 4, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    Hi Jules, awesome points raised. I did find myself nodding in concession reading your entry.

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